We are a Kyoto-based trading company with more than 50 years of history in the environmental field, now providing "Made-in-Japan" solutions to the world.

Main Products and Services

“Pay-as-you-throw Programs” Supporting Service for Waste Management of Local Governments

To support administrative services, we offer comprehensive contracting services for local governments charging citizens the fee for waste processing by designated garbage bags, also known as “pay-as-you-throw programs”

Smartphone Apps & Operating System Software Development for Administrative Services

As a new channel of communication between local governments and citizens, we create smartphone/tablet apps to deliver information transmitted by the authorities. Also, we develop dedicated operating system and software to support day-to-day operations of administrative bodies.

Regeneration & Utilization of Forest Resources

By promoting “Dom’Up”, a unique tree house/suspension tent which is designed to be suspended between two trees without leaving a trace on them, we support local governments and tourism associations to revitalize woodland areas of Japan.

In-house Planning & Development of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Under the brand of "NaturaMoon", we develop and sell various user-centric and nature-oriented products from sanitary products to underwear to washing detergents. We directly sell the products via online shops as well as wholesale them.

Purchase & Wholesale of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

We purchase fastidiously crafted products that we find in Japan and from all over the world and wholesale them to the eco-conscious market. Our clients are e-commerce companies, mail-order service companies and retail shops.

Direct Selling of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

We operate our own e-commerce store to sell our “NaturaMoon” brand and other various products we stock.

Bosch Brand Home Appliances Importing & Wholesaling

We import German "Bosch" brand home appliances from BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, which is one of the world's largest manufacturer, and sell the products to department stores, electronics retail stores, specialty shops of imported appliances and so on.

Promotion of Femtech and Women's Health Care

To promote Femtech products and services as well as knowledge and understanding about women's health and healthcare, we host in-person events regularly and run a website. We also support projects of schools, companies and local governments which aim to secure an access to menstrual hygiene products to everyone who needs them.

Solar Power Plant Development, Intermediary, Operation, and Support for Various Applications

We have solar power plant evaluation engineers, and we provide intermediary service of established power plants as well as various application and reporting support service before and after the development .

Related Components of Solar Power Generation Facilities

We purchase related components of solar power generation facilities from various manufacturers, such as solar power panels, mounting frames and power conditioners, and wholesale them to system integrators, construction companies and the like.

Construction & Temporary Materials

We contribute to the society through an offer of the recyclable materials, such as recycling plastic timbers and boards called "Ecoro-Gi", as a replacement of wood for temporary construction materials and at construction sites.

Permanent Fall Arrest Systems

Proper height safety measures are necessary to prevent accidents and protect workers' lives. We offer permanent fall arrest & restraint systems which are designed to prevent or stop a worker from falling and to minimize injuries in case of a fall.

ICT Service Development

We will develop various solutions to social needs by incorporating ICT trend such as AI, open data, sharing economy, etc. We strengthen collaboration with services managed by various companies to develop new business models.

"Made-in-Japan" Products Exporting

From buyers mainly in Asia, we take many requests for the handling of different products and we offer supplier discovery and purchasing negotiations. In addition, we also offer overseas sales channel development consultation to suppliers in Japan and make proposals to overseas buyers.

Local Business Development in Emerging Countries

In Vietnam, India and other Asian countries, we offer water treatment services, hygiene and health improvement services, waste plastic recycling services, environmental equipment sales and marketing of high-value-added products which enrich the lives of local people.


Toshikazu Yamanaka

Chairman & CEO

Eiju Ayabe

President & CEO

Teruo Furukawa


Ikuhiro Kasao

General Director of Vietnam Green Packs Co., Ltd.

Chika Kawasaki


Naomi Ibuki


Our History


Start of business
Combined system of garbage collection service and paper bags for local governments

-The founder, Takemasa Tuji started promoting a combined system of garbage collection service and moisture resistant and waterproof paper bags for garbage boxes to local governments as a new domestic waste treatment & disposal method, aiming to prevent pollution from waste incineration and keep public health.



-Nihon Green Packs Co., Ltd. was established in Kyoto.


Introduction of our system in Expo ’70 (Osaka Banpaku)

-We expanded our business nationwide after introduction of our combined system in garbage collection in the Expo '70, also known as Osaka Banpaku.
-We started to develop resource saving and pollution-free composite resin film


Plastic garbage bags for local governments

-We developed a new composite resin film and started to promote plastic garbage bags instead of paper bags to local governments.


Natural skin care and makeup cosmetics using rice bran as ingredients

- We started a new business of selling consumer products and entered the fields of household, personal care and cosmetics at the time of joint development with Japanese sake brewery to produce natural cosmetics for sensitive skin by utilizing rice bran which is a by-product obtained from the rice milling process, and acquired the sales right of the cosmetics brand.


Skin care liquid bath additive for people who have dry skin and dermatitis

-We started to sell a skin-friendly liquid bath additive which 98 % of the ingredients is fermentation rice extract and free of preservative, synthetic color, synthetic perfume and emulsifier for people who have dry skin and dermatitis as the first in-house developed product.


Recycled plastic timbers and plastic pellets

-We formed plastic-recycling network by connecting manufacturers which discharge waste plastic and SMEs which have recycling technologies.
- We started to promote recycled plastic timbers (imitation wood) and plastic pellets (granules as raw material for plastic molding products).


Appointment of new president
Comprehensive service for local governments
IT business

-Toshikazu Yamanaka was appointed to president.
-We started comprehensive contracting service for local governments charging citizens the fee for waste processing by designated garbage bags, also known as “pay-as-you-throw programs”.
-Along with the above business, we developed a dedicated operating system software and started an IT business.


Bosch brand home appliances

-Assenting to its concept of CSR and charitable institution, we became a distributor in Japan of Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH(currently known as BSH Hausgeräte GmbH).


Imported organic certified detergents for laundry and home cleaning

-We became a distributor in Japan of German organic certified detergent brand “AlmaWin” and started importing and marketing their products as our first oversea household product.


Solar panels and related equipment
In-house developed sanitary products

-We became a distributor in Japan of Korean manufacturer of electronic components, Hansol Technics and started a new business of renewable energy promotion in Japan by selling solar panels.
-We developed sanitary napkin brand “NaturaMoon” which is the first product that achieved combination of "top sheets of 100% cotton" and "super-absorbent polymer free" as quasi-drug approved in Japan for women who have sensitive skin or prefer natural feeling.


Operation of owned solar power plant
Smart phone apps creation service for local governments

-We constructed a solar power plant in our own holdings in Fukushima Prefecture, and began the operation.
-We expanded our IT service business by starting application development services for local government as new business.


First overseas subsidiary

-We established a sales subsidiary “Vietnam Green Packs” in Ho Chi Minh City as a base for the Asian market.


Feasibility survey in India

-We became a contractor of JICA and started to conduct a feasibility survey for a waste plastic recycling business in India.


Overseas affiliate in India

-We established a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) firm “Indo Nihon Green Partners” in Mumbai city to conduct further market research in India.


Celebrate 50th year in business


Changed company name from Nihon Green Packs Co. Ltd. to G-Place Corporation.

Company Overview

Mission Statement

G-Place Corporation is,

Place for Growing

(Place for each employee to find value, purpose and satisfaction of their own job and to grow themselves.)

Place for Gathering

(Place for many and various customers and partners to gather to pursue mutual development with us.)

Place for Generating

(Place for our customers, partners and employees to generate business which offer new options for people and society.)

Company Data

Company Name

G-Place Corporation


Eiju Ayabe


May 7th, 1968


May 16th, 1969


42,100,000 JPY

Number of Employees

72 (as of January 2024)



-Kyoto Head Office

10-9,Shironosato, Nagaokakyo-shi , Kyoto 617-0835 Japan

-Tokyo Branch Office

Hamacho-Kyoto Building, 3F, 3-26, Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0007 Japan

-Osaka Branch Office

Sumitomo Seimei Shin-Osaka Kita Building, 13F, 4-1-14, Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 532-0003 Japan

-Osaka Sales Office

Y's Pia Access Shinsaibashi, 9F, 1-6-24 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0014 Japan

-Shonan Branch Office

RARA Zengyo, Room 103 , 5-12, Misonodai, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 251-0873 Japan

-Engineering Laboratory

3-2-5 Takara-machi, Kariya-shi, Aichi 448-0847 Japan

Overseas Subsidiary and Affiliate:

-Vietnam Green Packs Co., Ltd.

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

-Indo Nihon Green Partners LLP

Mumbai City, India

Products and Services

B2G(Business-to-Government) Services & Rural Revitalization

-Pay-as-you-throw Programs Supporting
-Smartphone Apps & Operating System Software Development
-Regeneration & Utilization of Forest Resource

Cosmetics, Personal Care & Household Products

-In-house Planning & Development of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products
-Purchase & Wholesale of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products
-Direct Selling of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products
-Bosch Brand Home Appliances Importing & Wholesaling
-Promotion of Femtech and Women's Health Care

Sustainable Energy Generation

‐Solar Power Plant Development, Mediation, Operation, and Support for Various Applications
‐Related Components of Solar Power Generation Facilities

Equipment & Building Materials

-Construction & Temporary Materials
-Permanent Fall Arrest Systems

Information & Communication Technology Service

-ICT Service Development

International Business

-"Made-in-Japan" Products Exporting
-Local Business Development


Should you wish to make an inquiry about our products and service as well as various business opportunities, please send us an email to the email address below.

Email Address: contact[at]g-place[dot]co[dot]jp

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